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FairPay Book
The fullest presentation of FairPay is the book (click this link, or in the cover image in right sidebar). A nice summary of the book, and the concept, is in the Foreword by Adrian Payne.

Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management
A Novel Revenue Architecture to Monetize Digital Goods.
Practice Paper on FairPay (forthcoming) - Accepted with Revisions (10/16/17)
Richard Reisman, Marco Bertini (ESADE Business School)
Harvard Business Review
When Selling Digital Content, Let the Customer Set the Price.
Richard Reisman, Marco Bertini (ESADE Business School)  (11/18/13)
Additional research collaborations on FairPay are described below.

FairPayZone Blog Posts
This FairPayZone blog explores FairPay at various levels and in various business use cases. The following posts are recommended for general orientation:
FairPay and Pricing Strategy in General -- Finding Value!
Business Use Cases: Journalism, TV/Video, Music, Apps, Non-Profits, ... 
Process Flow as a Repeated Game
Adaptively Seeking Win-Win Customer Relationships -- A New Economics of FairPay
Behavioral Economics Underpinnings -- Profiting from The Human Side of Consumers

What others say about FairPay

Video and Slide Introduction
Video and slides of Reisman presentations

Sample FairPay Offer
This sample offer letter to consumers shows how a newspaper might frame FairPay as a privileged benefit to regular patrons  – to enable them to participate in a win-win pricing process and personalize their value propositions  – as an alternative to a standard freemium "soft paywall."

Original Introduction to FairPay
Still the most complete presentation, not much the worse for age (6/20/10)
FairPay: The Future of a Radical Pricing Process 

Some technical notes on exemplary algorithm details

Free Support

Free consultation to those interested in evaluating and applying FairPay is offered by Richard Reisman.  (fairpay [at] teleshuttle [dot] com)

Help assembling teams of academic collaborators who can assist in the design and evaluation of trials is also offered.

Academic Collaborations

Scholars who have contributed to the development of FairPay and have interest in assisting with research trials include:
  • Marco Bertini, co-author of the HBR Blog post and a more extensive paper on FairPay pending publication, is Chair of the marketing department at ESADE in Barcelona, Spain. He is considered a leading expert in the area of pricing strategy, is a prolific author in HBR and other leading business and academic journals, and has been working for some time on many of the strategies that FairPay builds on. (Via Dan Ariely and Ayelet Gneezy.)
  • Adrian Payne, Professor of Marketing, University of New South Wales Business School and Pennie Frow, Professor and Program Director, Master of Marketing at University of Sydney Business School.  They have collaborated with Reisman on a presentation and a paper on FairPay in development, and are co-authors of Strategic Customer Management: Integrating Relationship Marketing and CRM,the first textbook on combining those methods, as well as authors of many other influential books and papers in leading publications.
  • Heather Caruso, Director, Center for Decision Research, Booth School of Business, University of Chicago (via Richard Thaler.)

Richard Reisman is a practitioner in online media and e-commerce, and the technologies that drive that, and has been involved in pricing of digital offerings since the 1970s.  See bio. (Disclosures)

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