Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Marketing Journal Paper on FairPay Wins Industry Relevance Award

It is a pleasure to report that my invited paper on FairPay, co-authored with two prominent marketing scholars, won the first-ever ANZMAC AMJ Industry Relevance Award:

For the Australasian Marketing Journal article that makes the most significant contribution to advancement of the practice of marketing, sponsored by the Australian Marketing Institute.
The article, Pricing in consumer digital markets: A dynamic framework, was co-authored with Adrian Payne, Professor of Marketing at the University of New South Wales School of Marketing, and Pennie Frow, Professor of Marketing at the University of Sydney. The selection panel considered all articles in the AMJ for the past three years. Their statement on selecting our article:
The selection panel believes this article developed a pricing framework (Fairpay) that is novel and stimulating for marketing managers. The article analyses new possibilities for pricing to implement personalised and participative pricing schemes that may become feasible which may have advantages to both consumers and marketers.  The paper discusses how to handle the risks to marketers, such as some consumers underpaying, by for example removing the opportunity for further Fairpay participation for those consumers and dropping them back into conventional fixed price payment. From the perspective of this award, it is pleasing to see an industry co-author on this article.
My thanks to ANZMAC and AMJ for enabling this publication and for the honor of this recognition of the practical significance of the new possibilities that FairPay enables. And, thanks to Adrian and Pennie for the invaluable insights, support, and academic rigor they added to this effort.