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++On the crisis in social media -- need for creative alternatives to the ad model:
Chapter-by-Chapter Listing

Foreword by Adrian Payne



Prolog: A Thought Experiment—Imagine a Value-Pricing Demon
Part I The Big Picture—A New Logic

Chapter 1 Introduction—Digital Disruption and Yesterday’s Logic
Chapter 2 Business Overview—Part 1: Basic Concepts—How and Why
Chapter 3 Business Overview—Part 2: Rethinking Prices
Chapter 4 Brief Example: Digital Content Subscription Businesses
Chapter 5 Conceptual Perspectives
Chapter 6 A Top Management Perspective

Part II Applications in Industry

Chapter 7 Making It Work—Operational Details, Tools, Continuous Learning and Adaptation
Chapter 8 Case Study: Journalism, Newspapers, Magazines, Video
Chapter 9 Variations: Music (and Games)
Chapter 10 More Variations: App Stores, Indies, E-Books, Virality
Chapter 11 FairPay for Non-Digital Services
Chapter 12 FairPay for Nonprofit Organizations
Chapter 13 FairPay Reputation Management—Databases and Platforms

Chapter 14 Learning the New Logic—Low-Risk Testing, Sweet Spots, and Continuous Adaptation
Chapter 15 Increasing Sophistication and Variety

Chapter 16 Proving the Concept

Part III Needs and Perspectives

Chapter 17 Practical Business Comparison to Conventional Methods
Chapter 18 Customer-Hostile Value Propositions
Chapter 19 Producer/Creator Perspectives—Sustainable Value Propositions and Compensation Through the Supply Chain

Part IV Toward a New Economics

Chapter 20 Why It Works—Behavioral Economics, Psychology, and Game Theory
Chapter 21 New Dimensions of Value—Customer Contributions
Chapter 22 Societal Perspectives—Markets That Center on Human Values
Chapter 23 Competing on Vendor Lifetime Value

Chapter 24 Taking Action—Implementation of FairPay

The FairPay Manifesto

References (with hyperlinks)

Other FairPay Background

Short, readable overview of the core ideas (11/15/18)
Information Wants to be Free; Consumers May Want to Pay

Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management
A Novel Revenue Architecture to Monetize Digital Goods.
Practice Paper on FairPay (2/26/18) - excellent introduction
Richard Reisman, Marco Bertini (ESADE Business School)
(Brief recap in ESADE Knowledge (3/19/18)
Three Building Blocks to Monetize a Digital Business)
    Australasian Marketing Journal
    Invited paper on FairPay and other models (accepted 6/21/19)
    Pricing in Consumer Digital Markets:  A Dynamic Framework

    Harvard Business Review
    When Selling Digital Content, 
    Let the Customer Set the Price.
    Richard Reisman, Marco Bertini (ESADE B-School)  (11/18/13)
    (Very brief - the above journal paper expands on this)

    Analyst Review:
    Consultant John Blossom: 
    Pay as You Exit: FairPay Explores New Content Pricing Discovery Regimes

    Video and Slide Introduction
    Video and slides of Reisman presentations

      Sample FairPay Offer
      This sample offer letter to consumers (with FAQ) shows how a newspaper might frame FairPay as a privileged benefit to regular patrons  – to enable them to participate in a win-win pricing process and personalize their value propositions  – as an alternative to a standard freemium "soft paywall."

      Original Introduction to FairPay
      In some depth, not much the worse for age (6/20/10)
      FairPay: The Future of a Radical Pricing Process 

      Some technical notes on exemplary algorithm details