Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Subscription Marketing: Anne Janzer Reviews FairPay

Anne Janzer's Subscription Marketing: Strategies for Nurturing Customers in a World of Churn is one of the best and most popular guides on this increasingly vital subject. Now Anne has applied her marketing insights and clear writing style to a review of my book, FairPay: Adaptively Win-Win Customer Relationships.

Anne observes that my work on FairPay (and its broader perspective on pricing and relationship strategies) is very aligned with her ideas on value nurturing as a core strategy for "sustaining the customer relationships that build long-term success" in the Subscription Economy. That alignment gives her a deep appreciation of how FairPay adds a new dimension that managers should be thinking about. 

Her review, "Disrupting Subscription Pricing: FairPay," provides a concise overview of FairPay and its motivation. Here is a sampling of her comments on why FairPay matters:’s a natural fit for the evolving Subscription Economy... 
The model brings the business much closer to its customers... Instead of running “voice of the customer” surveys, you can see how people vote with their actual dollars. 
The pricing model itself is based on both trust and value... 
In many ways, the FairPay pricing model is the perfect complement to the practice of value nurturing outlined in Subscription Marketing. 
She concludes with a nod toward the unconventional nature of FairPay:
As soon as you start picturing this in your head, questions will pop up... But before you start thinking of the objections, ask yourself this: 
How would FairPay change the way you do business? 
How would your business operate today if your revenues were directly tied to the customer’s perception of value? What would you do differently in marketing, product development, or support? How would it change the way you think of customers, and of pricing?
I hope you will read her review, and then take a closer look at how FairPay works and why you should be thinking about its implications -- how you can make value nurturing include value discrimination. Even if you are not yet ready to go far with it, thinking about FairPay will change how you view your business. Details are in my book, and my blog (see the Overview, and More Details).

I also highly recommend that you read Anne's book, which provides a practical understanding of the essentials of subscription businesses -- why value nurturing matters and how to make it central to your business.


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