Thursday, March 30, 2017

Foreword, by Adrian Payne, to my new book on FairPay

Adrian Payne -- one of the foremost authorities on Relationship Marketing and CRM -- wrote a Foreword to my new book that serves as an excellent overview.

Adrian is author of fourteen books, including the first text to be published on Relationship Marketing (1993), and most recently, Strategic Customer Management: Integrating Relationship Marketing and CRM (2013). He is Professor of Marketing, University of New South Wales Business School, Australia and Visiting Professor, Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University, UK, and has extensive senior management experience. Adrian has been influential in my work on FairPay, and I thank him for many valuable suggestions during my writing.

The full text of his Forward is online.  Here is the opening paragraph:
Enterprises everywhere are recognizing the need to become more customer-focused, but struggle to determine how to achieve this. This compelling book explains how a new innovative approach to pricing—“FairPay”—can help achieve this goal through a radical shift in considering how to price products and services. Pricing is not an area that executives consider with great excitement, yet the approach outlined by Richard Reisman promises to be transformative both in practice and theory. It is likely to receive great interest from enterprises, especially those offering digital products and services where the marginal cost of producing a further unit is close to zero. (More...)
I hope you will read his Foreword -- and my book -- and join us to change how we do business in the 21st Century.

Other early praise:
"Anyone responsible for monetizing digital content in consumer markets should understand this radically new perspective on pricing and how to maximize customer lifetime value. FairPay provides strategies and operational methods for creating better relationships -- to increase loyalty, market reach, and profits." - Shelly Palmer, Business Advisor, Author, Commentator 
"Reisman unveils a new world of possibilities through an innovative and visionary methodology that introduces a reference platform for digital value exchange. FairPay is very versatile in its applications and compatible across industries. It is a great example of what disruption could look like in a new digital business era." - Lucila Pagnoni, News Corp Australia 
"FairPay boldly explores the future of pricing from a co-creation of value perspective. Highly recommended for digital business entrepreneurs, as well as established firms working on their digital transformation." - Jim Spohrer, IBM and 
"A groundbreaking and definitive book on pricing strategy for the digital age. This highly innovative and practical work shows how enterprises can develop relationship-based pricing strategies leading to long-term customer relationships, based on principles of equity and fairness for both customer and supplier." - Professor Pennie Frow, University of Sydney Business School
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