Monday, August 31, 2015

Guide to More about the FairPay Strategy -- For Journalism

This is a supplement to the post just above, Patron-izing Journalism -- Beyond Paywalls, Meters, and Membership (and others, to be updated as needed).

The Overview page (and the How FairPay works box in the sidebar) explain more of how FairPay works, building on a simple balance of powers. Other posts on this blog explain the mechanics in detail, and how it can apply to journalism and similar content businesses. Here is a guide to the posts most relevant to journalism (but for fuller background, see the More Details page).

On FairPay as it applies to journalism:
On comparisons between FairPay and conventional paywalls and freemium more generally:
On volume discounting for aggregators and micropayments (writing about TV, but applicable to journalism):

On why this idea is is just crazy enough to work:

Also see the current slide deck, and the MIT Enterprise Forum presentation video.