Tuesday, September 20, 2016

FairPay Book Just Published / Related LinkedIn Group

My book on FairPay was just published. It is part of a series on Service Systems and Innovations in Business and Society, curated by Jim Spohrer and Haluk Demirkan of The International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (ISSIP), and published by Business Expert Press (BEP).

Some extracts from early praise (as cited on the book page):
Anyone responsible for monetizing digital content in consumer markets should understand this radically new perspective on pricing and how to maximize customer lifetime value.
...an innovative and visionary methodology …what disruption could look like...
...compelling …promises to transform business...
Highly recommended for digital business entrepreneurs, as well as established firms...
The full title is FairPay: Adaptively Win-Win Customer Relationships. It pulls together a wealth of material from the blog plus new additions. The book has sections that are very pragmatically focused on how FairPay works in specific industry use-cases (as an alternative or complement to conventional freemium subscriptions, paywalls, and other methods). It also addresses the conceptual foundations in marketing, behavioral economics, game theory, and related areas.  It explains how FairPay can solve critical problems in pricing, value propositions, and customer relationships -- with a focus on the digital content and services businesses now in the throes of digital disruption, but also for other businesses.

I hope readers (both early followers and those new to these strategies) will find this not only a useful introduction to FairPay, but also a thought-provoking perspective on the broader issues of modern consumer commerce and how to make it far more win-win. As noted below, there is now a LinkedIn group dedicated to building on this theme.

Some of the new material in the book will be featured in added blog posts over the coming months.

Details on the book and how to get it are now online.

Order now from:
Online Supplement

As an added feature there is a special online supplement to the book with links to updates, blog posts with added detail, and other resources (also accessible as FPZLink.com).  Even before you get the book, this can offer a preview of much of the content (but in less organized form).

LinkedIn Group for FairPay and related innovations -- Please join!

As part of the online supplement, there is now a LinkedIn Group called FairPay: Adaptively Win-Win Customer Relationship, to enable you to connect with others who share interest in FairPay and related innovations in participative co-pricing, relationship marketing, customer journeys, and behavioral economics - especially to maximize Customer Lifetime Value for digital services.


This is part of a collection curated by Jim Spohrer and Haluk Demirkan of The International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (ISSIP).

  • Business Expert Press is a leader in concise and applied learning resources, and partners with Harvard Business Publishing
  • ISSIP is an organization founded by IBM, Cisco, HP and several Universities with a mission to promote Service Innovation for our interconnected world.
  • Jim Spohrer is IBM Innovation Champion and Director of the IBM University Programs World Wide,
  • Haluk Demirkan is Professor of Service Science, Information Systems & Supply Chain Management, and the Founder & Executive Director of Center for Information Based Management at the Milgard School of Business, University of Washington (UW) -Tacoma


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