Thursday, May 16, 2019

FairPay Relationships Presentation at 2nd Global Conference on Creating Value, NYC, May 14-15, 2019

Dynamic Value Discrimination in Recurring Consumer Relationships: Re-centering Business on Human Values in the Digital Era.

I gave this invited presentation at the Second Global Conference on Creating Value, in NYC on 5/14.

My deck (which contains extensive links to further background), as well as the extended abstract and full conference program is now online at ResearchGate and SlideShare.

The conference was attended by some of the world's leading figures in the study of value creation and value-based revenue models.

I was gratified by the very positive response, praising this presentation as transformative, and an innovative synthesis that builds on, provides new context for, and significantly extends a wide range of emerging ideas in business management, behavioral economics, and the creation of value.

The deck for this presentation is as linked to above, but unfortunately there was no recording. This presentation was a highly compressed and slightly updated version of a recent presentation which was recorded.

[This is an update of a 4/20/19 post]